What is ShaverPack ?

ShaverPack is your one-stop-shop for all shaver related products.

We offer shavers and shaver products on a subscription plan basis, but we do it a little different than most others.

Here at Shaverpack we believe that not two people are the same when it comes to shaving, so with ShaverPack you can try out different shavers, shaving crème, oils and other products. When joining Shaverpack, you will every month get credits on your account, so you can try out different products from our selection.

Treat yourself to good quality shaving products, delivered on your doorstep with no hassle.

Our services

A growing range of products

We know how difficult it can be to find the right shaver let alone the right aftershave or shaving cream, so we constantly test new shaving products to make our range the most up to date with the most exciting new products on the market. See our selection here

Free world wide shipping

People all over the world need fresh shaving equipment and accessories, so we obviously also ship to our customers all around the world – and we do it for free.

His & Hers

Whether you want to shave your legs, chest, beard or head, we’ve got it covered. With a wide selection of shaving products, our range is suitable for all needs.

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What our clients say

Tried ShaverPacks 9 Credit plan and have upgraded it to 39
Because i always run out of credit due to the amazing selection, it can be so hard to choose

Betty Wilson

What is better than a wide selection of exciting products ?
ShaverPack always have something interesting in their selection

Craig Nielsen

An absolutely amazing concept!
Every month i get a fresh amount of credits that i can use on the products i feel like trying out.
Would recommend it to any person that wants to make life easier and more exciting

John Brown Marketing Executive

If you are like me, you will always forget to buy new shavers,
this will never be the case again with ShaverPack.com.
No more sitting in the bath and realize you are out of razors

Claire Smith Waiter